The inception of Fox Valley Learners, LLC began decades ago followed by an intricate series of life events which brought two neighbors together in 2018.  


After surviving the tragic death of her husband, Jennifer decided it was time to move her four young children to a new house to create fresh opportunities for healing.  As she looked out of one of the upstairs windows of her new home, she couldn’t help but smile when she saw 2 sweet children, right around the age of her son, playing in the driveway 2 houses over.  


Having survived her own share of broken dreams, Chrissy and her family had moved to their home just a few years earlier and were laying down a foundation of new dreams. 


A few days after Jennifer purchased her home, Chrissy hand delivered her daughter’s birthday party invitation.  From that moment, a sweet, deep, special friendship began to grow.  They became fast friends, family friends, kindred spirits… and would have many conversations about combining their shared love for teaching to create…something awesome.  Chrissy’s work as a Reading Specialist and coauthor of Heggerty, a phonemic awareness program used in schools district wide and across many countries, paired with Jennifer’s background teaching and tutoring children, using various multi-sensory language and structured literacy programs, created an ideal match for a partnership.  


They would brainstorm and dream and say many times over the next few years… “We need to do (fill in the blank).”  The summer of 2020, they pooled their knowledge and creativity, and offered their first themed educational summer camps.  While COVID attempted to derail their dreams, an unbelievable electronic sale around Christmas, lit a spark that could not be contained.  Jennifer, needing to borrow a friend’s truck to go pick up an early Christmas present at Best Buy, stumbled on an available office rental.  


In a wave of excitement and confidence, with a little bit of fear, Chrissy and Jennifer decided to combine their similar yet unique skill set to create a partnership that will empower students to achieve success.   


The tapestry of Fox Valley Learners is 


A TV and a Truck…