Helpful, handy highlighters!!!!

We are here to help shine some BRIGHT light on some nifty tricks and tips you can use to enhance your child's learning at home. We hope these help you wrap up your last few months of learning and spring into brighter days during summer!!

Highlighters can be helpful for every learning stage. However, they can be over used or even forgotten about or simply treated like a normal marker! Can you relate?

Check out these different tips for each learning stage:


*Trace name with highlighter

*Find and search for letters and numbers in magazines

*Trace lines, circles, diagonals and squiggles

Kindergarten/1st Grade

*Unknown words on their grade level word wall list

*Specific learning skills on passages and sentences (different colors for different vowel sound, word family endings)

*Word attack (highlight beginning sound one color, vowels a second color and ending sounds a third color)

*Editing needs in their writing (highlight for missing capitals, reversals, punctuation marks, etc.)

*Key vocabulary words in math word problems (addition or subtraction)

2nd/3rd Grade:

*Instead of skipping unknown words in passages, have them try it and highlight it so an adult can help them with unknown word patterns

*Read poetry and highlight rhyming words or word study phonics skills

*Start reviewing test taking strategies and highlight for key question words

4th/5th Grade and up:

*Prefixes, suffixes, root words

*Different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives)

*Key vocabulary words in questions for reading and math comprehension

*Test taking strategies, key words in directions

*Order of events or math operations

These are just a few of the different ways you can use highlighters to help your child learn. In every case, the highlighter is used to draw attention to something important. It's a very inexpensive tool that can be used with any age group or grade level.

Need more help? Visit us soon for private tutoring, small group sessions and summer camps! At Fox Valley Learners, LLC we love to use highlighters DAILY!

***Stay tuned for our next blog post on the importance of using correct letter sounds!

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